Pushing the Frontiers of Technology and applying Quantum Solutions to real World Problems

Hardware Solutions

Quantum Sensors

Design and engineering of next level performance sensors based on quantum technology.

Quantum Enabling Technologies

Subsystems and assistive technologies for quantum applications such as our turnkey solution for ultra high vacuum chambers.

Quantum Computing

Research on using ultracold neutrons for coherent and scalable quantum computing  architectures.

Software solutions for Quantum AI

Quantum Machine Learning

Quantum-supercharged machine learning algorithms for classical data and quantum data.

Quantum Programming Frameworks

Efficient tools and frameworks for quantum algorithm design.

Quantum Communication & Cryptography

Quantum Communication

Secure quantum information processing, Quantum Key Distribution and Quantum Teleportation.

Post Quantum Cryptography

Solutions to secure you data for the quantum computing era.

Quantum Training & Education

Quantum Training

Qualification programs for post-graduates and professionals.

Let's do exciting Quantum Projects together

Who we are

Our interdisciplinary team consists of experienced scientists, engineers and entrepreneurs in the field of quantum computing technologies and algorithms, artificial intelligence and software engineering.

Roland Becker

CEO & Co-Founder

Founder and CEO of the JUST ADD AI Group, Artificial Intelligence Specialist, Entrepreneur, and host of the THINK REACTOR Podcast

Prof. Hansjörg Dittus


Former board member of the German Aerospace Center (DLR). Professor for Space Systems at the University of Bremen. Specialized in Quantum Systems in Space.

Prof. Frank Kirchner


Frank Kirchner is a leading expert in research on biologically inspired locomotion and behaviour of highly redundant, multifunctional robotic systems. For a number of PhD students he is the principal supervisor and he regularly serves as a reviewer for a series of international scientific journals and conferences. Frank Kirchner also is author of more than 300 publications in the field of Robotics and AI.

Dr. Patrick Draheim


Patrick Draheim is an expert for intelligent systems with nearly a decade of experience in research and industry, especially in the field of deep and machine learning methods. Driven by passion for data science and innovative business analytics.

Dr.-Ing. Jens Grosse


Co-Founder of QBITFLOW and Group Leader of the Space TechnologiesDepartment at the Center Of Applied Space Technology And Microgravity (ZARM) at the University of Bremen. Expert for Quantum Sensors, Experiments and Enabling Technologies on Ground and in Space.

Samuel Hill


Senior Consultant at the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI) Robotics Innovation Center.  20+ years in photonic based hardware-softwaredevelopment and commercialization.

Prof. Wolfgang Schleich


Wolfgang Schleich is a professor at the University of Ulm and heads the Institute for Quantum Physics.

Prof. Hartmut Abele


Hartmut Abele is a professor at the Technical University of Vienna, where he heads the Neutron and Quantum Physics research area.

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